Monday, September 21, 2009

Back to the grind...

Labor Day always comes with a little bit of a letdown for me. While the best golf weather of the year is still ahead of me, most of the competitive golf season is over.

Our Club Championship is contested on Labor Day and the course is aerated the day after. I decided I would take a couple weeks away from the game and took my wife to the beach.

I was back on the course over the weekend and had modest rounds of 78 & 80, but felt pretty good about the way I was swinging the club. I think the two weeks off definitely helped my mental state.

Today I turn 28 and my determination to improve is greater than ever. My goal is to be a scratch golfer by next weekend the time I turn 30. I think it's definitely within reach, I just need to spend my time working on the right things.

Until the season is "officially" over on November 15th, I'm going to strictly work on physical fitness. I'll still be going to the range, but I'm going to wait until 11/16 to start more intensive work on overhauling my swing. I plan on including some video on the blog when I start this process.

Until then, I'll detail my workouts, try to document any physical changes and let you know how that translates to the course. I'm curious to see if I'll notice a difference in my game based strictly on improving my physical fitness.

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  1. Happy birthday, son, I love you.

    The next six weeks are the very best for golf at our club. Spring is mushy, summer is hot and fall is perfect. The aerated greens recover incredibly quick and the foilage and everything else is perfect...

    The best present I ever gave you was NOT getting involved in your golf swing. My God, you might have ended up with a swing like mine...