Thursday, August 27, 2009

It's gotta be the clubs...

I had a long, descriptive blog written up to describe my attempt to qualify for the championship flight of my club championship this past weekend. Luckily for you, I came to my senses and realized that nobody would be all that interested in a shot-by-shot recap of 36 holes of misery bad golf.

My very first hole of the tournament saw a 15 foot, uphill, right-to-left birdie attempt turn into a bogey 5 and it only got worse from there. I shot 82 on the first day, vowed to shoot 72 the next day, and was a beaten man after my 72 turned into an 87. I missed the cut by 15 shots and immediately put my irons and putter on eBay!

I didn't include that the clubs were clearly cursed in my description in the eBay listing, only that they were in excellent condition and I had only been using them for a few months.

Left with a decision to make on which new irons to buy, I did some research.

I went to Golf Galaxy to try out both the new Ping i15 and the Adams A7 since my pro didn't yet have the demos in stock. I liked them both and they fit the type of club I like to play: workable, but forgiving. They both have moderate offset and the sole and topline aren't too thick. The Ping is a "prettier" club in my opinion, but I like the fact that the A7's come with two hybrids.

In the past I have only carried one hybrid (typically 18* or 19*) and hit my long irons very well. I also need a long-iron because nobody hits a 4-iron "out-from-under-a-tree-with-a-30-yard-hook-only-four feet-off-the-ground-190 yards" quite like I do! Scott Van Pelt needs his grooves and I need a 3 or 4 iron!

However, in doing some research, I found that the lofts of the Adams irons are a little strong and the 5-iron will play like your standard 4-iron (25*). They are set up this way because your average #3 hybrid usually doesn't replace a 3-iron at all, it goes 20 yards further. So this set has a 20* & 23* hybrid, a 25* 5-iron and then goes in 4* increments to the 45* pitching wedge.

I could always have the Ping irons ordered to these specs, but would still be left with having to find two hybrids that I like. From my demo sessions, I couldn't find any hybrids that I liked more than the Adams A7. I recently bought the '09 Rescue (#3 - 19*) from Taylor Made and that's headed to eBay as soon as I finish typing this blog!

So I emailed my pro with my specs for the Adams A7 hybrids & irons this morning (2* upright, Dynamic Gold Super Lite R300 steel in the irons, UST Mamiya AXIVCore stiff flex graphite in the hybrids, New Decade White/Black grips) and will impatiently wait for them to arrive. I'm pretty pumped up about the purchase and am shocked that Adams Golf came out with a set of irons I would even consider.

Having worked in the golf industry for most of my life, I would honestly consider myself a snob in regards to golf equipment. If it isn't Mizuno, Taylor Made, Ping or Titleist, it's just not for me. However, I nearly bought the Adams A4 Tech Forged irons last year, but opted for the Taylor Made Tour Preferred instead. This was mainly because I just couldn't see myself playing Adams irons. In retrospect, it was a mistake and those clubs really signaled Adams' arrival (in my mind) as a major player in the irons market.

With the new A7, I think they have a winner. I'll let you know how I like them after they arrive.

Now if only changing my swing could be so easy...


  1. I skimmed a little, but I cannot seem to find the part where you say, "Oh, and I tried my Dad's Ping's and hit it like Nicklaus hit his irons in the 1960's...".

    In two years, I think you have purchased $6,000 worth of clubs and stuff. Fortunately, if it didn't work, you have always sold back on eBay for a profit. Quite a gig, if you can get it...

  2. Ok. I like you. Buying and selling multiple sets of irons/per year=awesome!

    My hubby has Adams A4. He would have never tried them, but local shop said, "hey try this-these are good." They are not forgiving enough for me, so I ended up getting 09 Burners about 6 months after buying Cobra S9, which I did not love.

    I also got some Adams hybrids recently since husband loves his hybrids. I got the boxier ones, but they are nice and long and very straight.

    On a serious note, I am sorry about your disappointment in not making the club championship. Good thing is that your new fitness and practice regime will definitely help to improve your game, and your body, too!

  3. Vince/OEG/Dad - When I sent the text about hitting it like Nicklaus, I meant Nicklaus at the age of 60, not in the 1960s! ;-)

    kokogirl - Thanks! This has been a long-running issue with me. When I worked in the golf industry, it was a lot easier to get away with without constantly spending a fortune. Luckily, I still have a few contacts!

    How do you like the 09 Burner irons? I definitely gave them a long look and thought they were probably the longest irons on the market right now.

  4. Matt- I actually tried and bought the Burner irons because I prefer the feel of steel and the shafts are light (85 gram). I really like them and think that my dispersion is better w/steel than the graphite. I just love them in general and when you love your equipment, it is more fun to practice! They are pretty forgiving, so I think you have more workability with the Adams A7 than you would with the Burner. I usually try to hit straight or a little draw, so the Burners work good for me. I do hit them a club farther than my old clubs, but that may be me getting better/improving, so it is hard to compare.