Friday, August 21, 2009

Talkin' bout practice...

Unlike Allen Iverson, I love to practice. I could spend all day at the driving range. Unfortunately, I'm a member at one of the few private clubs I can think of that doesn't have a driving range! Sure, there's a net with artificial mats, but that's really only effective for a pre-round warm up.

With my 36-hole club championship qualifier taking place this weekend and my game in the tank, I needed to put in some work!

I've spent the past few days working primarily on my short game, so I figured I would use Thursday and Friday to spend a little time tuning up everything.

After work, I walked nine holes, as much for the exercise as for the golf. My play was uninspired, starting with two mindless bogeys, then missing four consecutive make-able birdie putts, splitting the fairway with a 280 yard drive on our most difficult hole only to miss the green by 40 yards with an 7-iron, followed by two more missed greens, one of which I got up-and-down. It took me 39 blows and an hour-and-ten minutes to play nine. I was much happier about the latter.

Feeling as though I accomplished nothing, I spent about forty-five minutes chipping and putting before (getting in my car and) heading to the range. These are the type of practice days I love, but rarely get to do.

After an hour at the range, my confidence is began to return. I didn't try to reinvent the wheel and just worked on taking the club back slowly and finishing the golf swing. My tempo tends to gets muy rapido and throws my balance into shambles, so these two thoughts typically get me back on track.

Today will be my final day of practice for the qualifier. I'm probably going to walk another nine holes and spend about 30-45 minutes on my short game. In days past, I would probably putt until it was pitch dark, but "Married Matt" will be home for dinner & a movie around 7pm.

My tee time tomorrow is 10:08 and I was happy to see I'm paired with two guys I get along with and both of whom will walk (my preference). I'll probably head to the range at about 8am and plan to be at the club to chip & putt shortly after 9am.

Usually a two day score of 78-78 will qualify for the Championship Flight match play (top 16 finishers), but then you end up playing the defending champ or another high qualifier. I'm hoping to shoot 75-75, qualify above the middle of the pack, and see what happens from there.

Wish me luck!


  1. I shot the third lowest medal round a few years back and was paired against #14. He's a former club champ and he was nice enough to close me out on #13, not too far from the bar...!!!

    You'll have many, many years of qualifying and competing in this championship. I can almost see your name engraved on the plaque from where I am sitting right now.

    Good luck. Play well. Have fun...

  2. First, I wish you luck tomorrow!

    I also like to practice. I used to be a musician, so I actually enjoy practicing. I find it clears my head and brings me peace. I wish there was more time for practice!! I have started spending more time working on my chipping and putting and a little less on full swing. I hope to see better results with not having a lot of time to practice this way.

  3. GO MATT!

    I'd be at the course from dawn 'til dusk, but those meddling kids get in the way. ;-)

    Fortunately we do have a great practice area. I plan to plant my butt in the short game areas for the coming weeks in an effort to get my index down into your zone.

    Best of luck! Can't wait to hear how you do.

  4. Wow...that's a full day. Muy jealous. Good luck for the qualifier.